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Frequently Asked Questions...and feel free to ask more!

1. Why do I need an Event or Wedding Planner? 

The bottom line is, if you want a stress free day that doesn't include: you being the primary contact for your vendors, requiring your bridal party and family to set up the event space with decor and signage, having someone from your bridal party or family as your primary vendor and venue contact throughout the event and packing up your gifts, cards, guestbook and other personally provided decor and signage at the end of your event...then you should have a planner! We would love to assist you with vendor sourcing, on trend rental and design decisions, wedding invite suite and wedding day suite design, complete day of event design and DIY execution, event timeline management and more!

2. What can I expect from Back Patio Event Design leading up to the event?

Once you book with us we immediately schedule our first meeting. From here we start to fill in our required Wedding Document as a team. This document is our master planner that is shared with you and your vendors prior to the big day. Over the course of your contract we are consistently in communication with you via email and phone to make sure this document is completely filled out by the time we are one week out of your event. In addition, a venue walk through with you will be required to begin and finalize your event diagram. We will also be communicating with your vendors to make sure they are all set for arrival, load in and confirmed for the big day.

3. What can I expect from Back Patio Event Design the day of my event?

Upon signing, your contract will include the amount of time to expect us from start to finish at your venue. But before that happens, you can expect us for one hour the day before to do a complete rehearsal run through or final review of your event. Upon arrival the day of your event, you can expect us to welcome all of your vendors, manage the diagram and placement of all rentals and venue included furniture and decor. We will also periodically check in with you, with prior approval, to make sure you are on schedule for the day regarding photo deadlines and anything else relevant prior to your event start time. Once your scheduled event start time has begun, you can expect us to work closely with all of your vendors and venue regarding timeline, any issues that may arise and any specified event cues you let us know about prior to the big day until the completion of event. We will help clean up the event space which includes any items that you have personally provided for the event and make sure they are delivered to your onsite event location dictated prior to the big day. We do not manage catering and bar bussing, trash collection and disposal. We will also be onsite following the event ending for up to one hour to collect all gifts, cards, guestbook and other client provided DIY items and hand off to the client's designated contact or vehicle. 

4. What can my vendors expect from BPED the day of my event?

Upon their arrival, they can expect a big HELLO and welcome from our team! We will help show them exactly where they will be setting up per the previously confirmed diagram we'll put together with you and the venue. Throughout the day, they can expect to work directly with us regarding any questions they may have and in turn we are there to help them remain on schedule with the event timeline. At the conclusion of the event, they can expect us to stick around until they are completely off of the property and to make sure they have completed their contracted duties for you, the client.

5. Can I ask questions about design and vendor suggestions if I only book the month of terrace package?

Of course! That comes completely complimentary for design and vendor consultations. There is a reason why we have 'Design' in our name. We want our clients to have their dream day come true. We will not leave one stone unturned until you feel 100% about the look and feel of your event even if you only want us to work with you the month of your event.

6. Can I book Back Patio Event Design closer to my event?
Absolutely! We may offer a month of option, however if you find you need a last minute coordinator, we are happy to help! Please contact us HERE immediately, we'll schedule an in-person meeting to get caught up on your dream day so you can arrive stress free to your event!

7. Will Back Patio Event Design do venue walk throughs with me if I haven’t booked a venue yet?

We would love to join you! Prior to you signing with us, we will evaluate all of your event needs, including helping you choose your perfect venue. If you would prefer that we join you during your venue walk throughs, we are happy to add that to your contract.

8. I need help with my wedding/event invite suite and wedding/event day printed materials like my program and menu. Can Back Patio Event Design help?

We're so excited to be able to offer 25% off with a special code for our clients to use at We would be thrilled to help you go through designs and templates until you make your final decision. Want something more formal or custom? We have a great connection with Everything Smitten and would love to introduce you to her customized designs to complete your special day.

9. I have a lot of DIY decor for my event. Will Back Patio Event Design manage these items?

We are here to help! Upon signing with us, we will review all of your DIY items and needs to make sure we have enough time dictated in your contract for the day of your event to place and design everything to your liking. We appreciate your clear expectations on how you would prefer to have items displayed or if you'd like us to design your event spaces on our own with your provided decor, that works too!

10. My venue requires my vendors to provide proof of insurance. Is Back Patio Event Design insured?

Yes we are! We are also happy to communicate with your vendors prior to your event to make sure they have submitted their proof of insurance to your venue as well.

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