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We're Starting | You're Starting: 5 Tips to Get Your Event Started

Congratulations! Whatever the occasion, you are fortunate enough to be in the early stages of planning a celebration! Just like us, you have an idea of what you want to do and the immediate question is, ‘now what?’. We have been fortunate enough to receive great tips from some of our family and friends regarding our new adventure, so we thought it only fair that we pass along a few tips to you for getting your event started.

  1. Set your parameters. Unsolicited opinions can be a great help as well as somewhat overwhelming. Make sure you set yourself up for less stress by letting those closest to you know what they can (and cannot) help with for the event.

  2. Pick a theme. This doesn’t mean that your next gala needs to have a cheesy Under the Sea theme, but rather that you need to solidify the idea behind the event so that your overall atmosphere and mood is succinct. You and your fiance's ‘our song’ features a piece of fruit? Great! Make that piece of fruit the motif throughout your entire wedding.

  3. Make your own timeline. Do you want to get married four months after getting engaged? Then do it! Even if you’re planning a 40th birthday two years out, take as much or as little time as you want.

  4. Get help. Help is key. Just like any job, it’s all about how you delegate the work. This is where a coordinator is going to make your life and time planning a much smoother more enjoyable process. By helping you save money in the beginning, to covering every detail day of, so that you can actually enjoy your event.

  5. Have fun! Remember to have fun and enjoy the process so that come day of, you have nothing but fond memories sending you into party bliss.

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