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The Plan Before The Plan

Living in a Pinterest world, event planning has evolved into countless DIY's and what seems like, endless design capabilities. However, with that surplus of design inspiration, it has also become easier to get overwhelmed- from friends and family asking questions to vendors providing suggestions. Who wants added pressure when they're already planning an event? Here are three simple tips, that keep Kayla and I on track while planning our own events.

Calendar + Timeline:

If you are determined to do everything you've pinned, written down and dreamed, you should begin with a complete calendar and timeline to keep everything on track. Starting from your event date, work backwards month by month, remembering to log your previously scheduled meetings, work obligations, holidays, etc. Next, give yourself one week per project- do not schedule any project within 30 days of your event and leave one week per month available for 'just in cases'. If you can go into your event 75% complete, allowing 25% to go wrong with 'Option B's' ready, you WILL have a smooth event!

Calendar Suggestion: Google Cal: Digital, shareable and available on your devices.

Budget before the Budget:

Yes. This does exist. We've almost always seen clients (and ourselves) go over budget. So when you sit down and create your budget, we strongly suggest accounting for a 'what if' budget. What if you have an additional 15 people RSVP to your event? What if your rental company has a new line of chairs that you simply need to have for that additional $5 per unit? What if your florals end up costing more than you expected? It happens and it's ok! Being prepared ahead of time with two figures helps keep the communication lines open for all involved in the event planning process.

How We Budget: Goal figure + additional amount to add on for the last 30 days prior to event for small and final touches.

Support System:

This is your most important tip. Create a small and honest support system for yourself while you plan. When you have an open and honest line of communication with your planning calendar + budget, you are sure to have less financial stress. It's amazing how far a simple and collaborative conversation can take you!

Our Support System: Each other, our husbands and mothers.

You can do this! We hope these small but mighty tips help you plan your dream event, whether it be a wedding, another personal celebration, corporate event or intimate gathering.

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