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Patio Partnership: Brett Charles Rose Photography

In this month’s Patio Partnership, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to one of our favorite vendors, turned very dear friend. We just love it when clients and vendors are able to develop a friendship even after the event has come and gone.

Without further adieu, let me introduce Brett Rose of Brett Charles Rose Photography. Brett is an incredibly talented wedding photographer based out of San Diego whose passion for photography is truly projected throughout his work. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Brett at his studio in Old Town to learn a little more about all things BCR Photography. Check out the full interview with Brett below!

When and how did you first get into photography?

My parents were both photographers while growing up in the Bay Area, so you could say I was born into the trade. By my junior year of high school I was the yearbook photographer, and shortly after, the unofficial photographer on surf trips with buddies. In my early twenties I played around in the theater arts world and even went to school for it in San Francisco! After working the acting circuit in LA and San Francisco for a few years, I decided I was more into the creative behind the scenes work and went to the New York Film Academy for training. I then spent six years working on snowboarding and surfing films, even going on tour with some of my new pro surf buddies!

At this point, I was settled in Santa Cruz where one of my best friends was actually a wedding photographer. Once I caught on to what a great time he was having with weddings, I decided to sell my house in Santa Cruz and set up shop in San Diego, CA!

That was 12 years ago. 500 weddings later, I’ve been loving life and work in San Diego ever since.

What is your favorite thing about working with clients?

Capturing individual family history. I love that I am the one that gets to keep the memories alive. Great great grandkids will look back at my work with their family and I get to be the emotional tie to those timeless moments. Also, I get to have fun with my clients at the party! I plan plenty of time for everything so that the day is less stressful and we have fun.

What inspires you in your craft?

So many things! Light and color. The way the sunshine falls on a subject and the way I can use and play with it. I love colors and high contrast. Details in the view, buildings and surroundings. For example, if a bride loves the color blue and I see a blue wall, I’m going to shoot her in front of the blue wall! An enthusiastic bride and bridal party are definitely inspiring as the love is what comes across in the photos.

Tell us about the VW photo buses.

I saw a VW bus turned into a photo booth along the way and I thought it was genius. My first car was a VW Baja Bug, and I’d always wanted a VW Bus, so i decided to invest in a couple. They’re kitschy, cool, and a great novelty. They’ve turned into a passion for me. I currently have three: two in San Diego, and one in Long Beach to serve the OC and LA area. I plan on investing in a couple more within the next year for Maui and Oahu.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to still be at it all! I do have plans for a boutique hotel and wedding venue in Mexico - stay tuned.

And there you have it!

Brett, thank you for taking the time to chat with us - you’re such an inspiration!

Check out Brett Charles Rose Photography:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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