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DIY Holiday Centerpiece

While exploring the Temecula area recently, we stumbled upon A Family Tree Florist while planning a trial run of our DIY + budget friendly holiday centerpieces. In addition, a quick trip to Big Bear Lake resulted in some clippings of fir and cypress from a friend's cabin property and picture-perfect pinecones to begin our project. We had a budget of $15 and between our florals, vase and aqua foam, we spent slightly less than projected.

You can too! Scope out your backyard and local neighborhood, where you know of great clipping points (and the neighbors won't mind!). Shop local florals and get to work! Check out our supplies and our simple step-by-step process below. Happy Holidays!


A Family Tree Florist $12.00

Red Floribundas

White Lisianthus

Rose Gold Vase

Big Bear Lake Property FREE

White Fir + Pine Cones

Leyland Cypress

Wholesale Flowers $1.25

Aqua Foam Block

Step One: Start Trimming

We were once told by a wise woman to use florals in odd numbers. That paired with uneven lengths of our stems, we were ready to arrange!

Step Two: Florals then Fillers

We like to place our florals first. You'll be using shorter stems around the center of the vase. Place these at random, with at least one focal cluster. Place 3 flowers together, leave some space and then place a single flower at random. Take 1 or 2 longer stems, and place them off to the sides of the vase and 1 sprouting above the rest. We did one like this with the white lisianthus, since they have multiple blooms on one stem.

Step Three: Keep Filling!

We aren't professional florists so there is probably a wiser way to put together a centerpiece, but we like to have fun, so keep filling with your greenery. Place them low around the center and center edges, and longer on the sides, spilling over. In the end we are happy to showcase this little beauty as a starting point for our holiday tables.

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