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Why Do I Need Event Insurance?

Before we draw this out, yes you need event insurance. Most venues require it. Even if you decide to have your event at a private property, family home or any other non business-owned space, then yes we absolutely still suggest getting insurance!

Hosting the wedding day of your dreams or celebration of a milestone, special event insurance will provide a broad spectrum of protection for you. A slip and fall, damage to your venue, cancelled vendor, alcohol related incident and more are covered.

Not sure where to start? We suggest three options:

  1. Consult your personal insurance provider! For example, I went straight through my personal insurances provider, Liberty Mutual. I was able to ask my agent, what felt like, 100 questions to make sure I was purchasing the right policy and didn’t need anything else additional, just in case.

  2. Check out and purchase online for your big event day.

  3. Consult your wedding planner and they can help guide you with the right details to provide to your insurance company so all insurances are purchased.


I recently spoke to a dear friend whose <beautiful!> wedding day I attended at a privately owned farm unfortunately included a guest who slipped and fell. The couple had not purchased event insurance and she took some time to tell me a little bit about her experience during and after her wedding day. Hopefully this experience can help you understand better why event insurance is suggested...and most of the time required!

Hi! My name is Brooke and we were married July 11, 2015 in Kennett Square, PA at a private property and old farm. I designed my dream ceremony and reception around this old farm and pond property featuring DIY touches of lace, wild flowers and a lot of country music!

Did you have event insurance?

No. It never crossed my mind. The property was not mine and we did not have a wedding planner, so I assumed that anything that could happen would fall under homeowners insurance.

What happened during the wedding reception?

One of our guests tripped in an area that was not near the reception site. The area was not well lit. She was injured badly after a trip and fall, and had to be taken in an ambulance to the hospital.

In hindsight, do you wish someone would have told you to purchase event insurance?

Insurance would have absolutely helped. I was very afraid for a long time that the woman was going to press charges against my family. I am unaware of what happened because my family made a point to keep us out of it, however, it was still an extremely uncomfortable situation for me, my family and the guest.

What would you have done differently?

I would have purchased one day special event insurance for the sake of my family and my guests. The piece of mind would have been priceless. Something like this happening is not something I ever thought one does! This is exactly why having a wedding planner is so important to help learn about all of the possible situations that can occur and ensure that your best day ever truly is just that.

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