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Why Back Patio?

If you've peeked at our About page already, you know that we started this business with one objective. Bringing back warmth in events, surrounded by the people that matter most. Some of our fondest memories include growing up on back patios surrounded by family, celebrating every holiday possible. As we've grown up and moved away, there's nothing we looking forward to more than heading back to our hometowns to keep that tradition alive. We'd like to take a moment and tell you more about us, how gatherings shaped who we are and why Back Patio was always in the back of our minds, waiting for its day to become more than just a concept.

Kayla Portillo

I grew up in a small town in West Texas, with a large portion of my family within a 60 mile radius. This was amazing because it meant that we got to spend so much time together for any and all occasions. Whether it was a BBQ at my grandparent's farm, our own backyard or a church gathering, my family was constantly bringing family and friends together. Birthdays, showers, anniversaries, baptisms, you name it and we celebrated it and celebrated it big! This was no different with weddings. Our small-town and church community would come together for any wedding, my own included, and execute an amazing celebration of the couple and a real good time to be had by all. From backyards to formal venues, near and far, we took care of each other and it always warmed my heart how everyone was treated like family. It's as if hosting events was engrained into me at an early age, especially as my mother and her friend ran a small catering company. I started clearing tables and washing dishes on a large scale at a very young age! As I watch this business grow, I am incredibly thankful for that experience. Raising our family and host my own intimate gatherings, it's been an easy reminder from growing up to ensure a good time be had by all as you celebrate even the smallest of celebrations.

To me, the name Back Patio represents the warm sense of community and family that I grew up with. The majority of our get togethers were outdoors, in backyards especially. Pair that with the fact that a patio, for all reasons, is quintessential in San Diego, and the name Back Patio created itself!

Laura Harrelson

As an east coast native growing up with strong family ties and Catholic roots, I wouldn't know what life would be like without gatherings and events! I grew up in a small suburb in Delaware, very close to the Pennsylvania line. If you're thinking, Wayne's World or Dover, you wouldn't be the first one! Instead, think two lane back roads, thick woods mixed with rolling hillsides and the occasional horse and cow along the way. And extended family not far either! My entire immediate and extended family, still to this day, live in the Philadelphia, Baltimore and throughout Delaware areas. With that said, family gatherings were full and frequent for me growing up.

My mom, aunts, grandmothers and great grandmother were always involved in hosting something for whatever approaching holiday or milestone. Everyone's birthdays were recognized, confirmations and graduations were over the top rain or shine, church weddings with large and small yet loud receptions were a plenty and national holidays were spent either on my grandparent's back patio or around the dining room table. It would be hard to remember my life on the east coast without remembering the ongoing celebrations with both families in backyards, on patios, at the shore, all day catered concert tailgates or most importantly, around the dining table. There's a specific feeling that comes to mind as I remember these experiences and smile as I write about them: warm with a full heart.

To me, Back Patio means bringing people together in an effortless, comfortable setting, where even a newcomer can be welcomed and treated like family. I love nothing more than being able to help bring these feelings of familiarity and warmth to well deserving couples, their families and dearest friends on their big day!

Check out our past events to learn more about the work we can produce here. You can also view these on our Instagram too.

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